… mas afinal o que é a Primavera Global?

Isto não é só um protesto, é um processo!

No dia 12 de Maio, tal como aconteceu na mobilização internacional de 15 de Outubro último, milhares de pessoas sairão às ruas, em muitas cidades por todo o mundo. No Porto, ocuparemos as ruas para mostrar a nossa indignação para com um sistema que, há muito tempo, nos virou as costas. A esta convocatória já responderam dirersos cidadãos e cidadãs, activistas, movimentos sociais, colectivos e associações. Em conjunto, de forma pacífica e descentralizada, com diversidade e autonomia, queremos construir e concertar novos modelos de organização, mais sustentáveis, solidários e verdadeiramente democráticos.

Sairemos à rua porque queremos trabalho com direitos, reclamar cidadania, educação e cultura, combater a discriminação e a opressão, a responsabilização sobre a corrupção no exercício de poder, auditorias cidadãs, a responsabilização da banca pela crise que criou, serviços públicos gratuitos e de qualidade, recursos estratégicos do domínio comum, liberdade de expressão, internet livre… Mas também, uma economia social solidária, responsável e criativa, que não dê cabo do planeta nem nos hipoteque o futuro.

Primavera Global – call for action

We are the ‘Primavera Global PT’ (Global Spring PT). This is not a manifesto, but a call to action for the reconstruction of a common ground. We are a network of citizens, activists, social movements, collectives and associations … , women and men, all that together, peacefully and in a decentralized way, with diversity and autonomy, want to build and produce new models of organization, that should be sustainable, supportive and more democratic.

We promote Equality and Freedom, and we are against any kind of discrimination – of gender, racist, fascist, xenophobic or other kind. We are the ‘Primavera Global PT.’ The Portuguese Spring which joins to the Global Spring – an international appeal that scheduled a new date for Global Action – from 12th to 15th of May. It is time to join voices once again in a global action.

Therefore, we will go to the streets on May 12, not only in Lisbon but in various locations throughout the country. We propose that the proliferation of initiatives, in May, can lead to new and inclusive narratives… narratives that will emerge from the streets, squares, workplaces, neighborhoods, by people seeking to create alternative community ties. We will make of May a month in which ideas rush to the street. A Spring of new ideas for a different future.

We are people who organize themselves, create and demand work with rights, fighting against discrimination and oppression; claiming citizenship rights for all, women and men, claiming education and culture; young people, elderly people, families, people who make themselves heard on a global scale.

2011 was marked by several protests around the world: the Arab Spring, the Indignation Movement in Europe, the Occupy in the United States, among many others. Numerous local collectives, Transition initiatives, neighborhood meetings or social movements, organized to meet an unprecedented challenge by proposing alternatives to a bankrupted system, promoting spaces for reflection but also creating new ways of collective  and shared community management.

We believe that utopia is built on a day-to-day basis, when we take the world in our hands. This is also our revolution: the building of an alternative society and the promising capacity for change in each one of us. The economic crisis, the precariousness of life and destruction of the planet that threatens the future of humanity are global phenomena which demand global answers, but also local actions and actions from each of us.

Together, we want to create a more humane common good. Therefore, we do not advocate just accountability for the corruption in the exercise of power; we do not just support citizen’s audits to uncover the truth; we do not just demand that banks account the blame for the crisis that they’ve originated, or we do not just struggle to defend public services and the strategic resources of the country; we do not just claim freedom of expression in the streets and free internet; we do not just claim labor rights and citizenship rights for all, we also stand for a social and solidary economy, responsible and creative, that promote more sustainable ways of living, that do not jeopardize our present and the future of our children, without destroying the planet. And so, we want to reinvent democracy, inspired by values such as participation, sharing, transparency, social justice and environmental protection.

For us, the reality and the building of a fairer world are not to be achieved through political negotiation in the traditional sense of competition and distribution of power. We are interested in what is happening around us in the factories, schools, prisons, companies, neighborhoods, villages and families. We want to create a networked system of support and mutual help. In our view, the indignation may now give rise, in an articulate way, to the production of new and inclusive imaginaries of mobilization.

So we appeal to everyone to join us in order to build the future together. And the appeal is to design, discuss and organize what may be the ‘Primavera Global PT’ in several parts of the country, where this appeal of indignation and call for change can be felt.

Spring is coming, We will do of May, a mature May!

Primavera Global PT

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